Suicide Prevention Outreach

Suicide Prevention WalkThank You to 103 walkers and the other New Mexicans who sponsored them through the wind at Balloon Fiesta Park 11/30/08. We raised 3,000 dollars for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and it looks like they’re going to collaborate on a project with NMCSP here in NM soon.

Top Honored Participants received these gifts generously donated by local businesses:

  • Monique Sers: Shelton Jewelers’ sterling silver memory bracelet
  • Mary Romero and Floor Co, LLC: 5 Dion’s pizzas
  • Laura Rowland and NM Coalition for Suicide Prevention: 5 Dion’s pizzas
  • Chuck Keller: man’s hat from Larry’s Hats
  • Karen de la Torre: time management session from More Than Organized
  • Barbara Lopez: massage from Ellen Whitman, LMT
  • Kristal Metro: computer tune-up from Southwest Cyberport
  • Jennifer Rowley Baca: computer tune-up from Southwest Cyberport
  • Rashan Omari Jones: acupuncture session from Jamie McLaughlin, DOM
  • Kris Keller: necklace by Ellen Whitman
  • Volunteer Staff- Laura Togami: necklace by Ellen Whitman

It was especially good to give people an opportunity to remember together our lost loved ones. Thanks to Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences for advertising and the staff who co-coordinated this event. Jessica Krakow is a new board member of NM Coalition for Suicide Prevention.