Continuing Medical Education

Our CME programs are under development.  We are currently working on two projects that will provide medical education in video format, and which the user can complete online.  The two programs under production include:

1.  Prevalence of sleep apnea in chronic hypnotic users.  This program will be based on emerging data showing that many chronic hypnotic users suffer from occult sleep apnea, i.e. unrecognized, undiagnosed, and untreated.  What impact sleep apnea has on these patients' insomnia is unknown, but the finding of this breathing disorder in many of these patients adds to growing literature highlighting the complex nature of insomnia.

2.  The PAP-NAP Procedure for Daytime Desensitization of Sleep Apnea Patients. In 2008, we published an article in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, describing an innovative procedure known as the "Abbreviated Cardiorespiratory Sleep Study"--CPT 95807-52 or PAP-NAP as we like to call it in clinic.  The program will provide sleep specialists and sleep technologists hands-on details on how to implement this reimburseable procedure in their sleep medical facilities.