Current Research

Hypnotics and Sleep Apnea


We are completing a series of chart reviews on our insomnia disorders patients with a special emphasis on those who use a prescription medication to help them sleep.  In our first paper, currently in submission, we are looking at the differences in sleep between insomnia patients with and without psychiatric comorbidities.  And, we are comparing both their subjective and objective sleep data, that is the self-reported information they provide on questionnaires and the physiological data from overnight sleep studies.

In a second chart review, we are looking at a similar type of patient to learn how they interacted with the prescribing physician who placed them on the sleep medication. We want to learn about the initial instructions and education they received from the prescribing physician, and we want to clarify the self-reported efficacy of the medication on their insomnia problem. Last, we will be reviewing their responses to questions about their motivation to sleep without drugs.  In this study, we will also look at both self-report and objective data.