Donation Info

The Sleep & Human Health Institute's non-profit 501(c)(3) status makes all contributions 100% tax deductible.  Currently, we are a small research organization, and we rely on donations from individuals and foundations.  These contributions range in size from $10.00 to $50,000.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and all these funds will help us grow into a larger research institute over the coming years as we hope to hire a grant writer to seek even larger grant-funding.

About 98% of our funds goes directly into supporting the research staff who develop research ideas, prepare human subjects review applications, construct databases, conduct research protocols, collect and organize data, analyze data, and prepare research manuscripts for publication in the scientific literature.

Every employee who works at SHHI donates many more hours above and beyond theirsalary because of their dedication to the urgent need for advances in the field of sleep medicine and the resulting betterment of human health.

Thank you for your consideration and support

Barry Krakow, MD